Beautiful Desert Drive

  1. Today was a beautiful day for a drive away from the business of the Phoenix area.  Did you realize, by the way, that Phoenix is now considered the 4th largest city in the U.S. A.?  But to get back to the subject of my drive I had to first get out of the city.  So I had to drive on 2 different freeways through semi-heavy traffic(only occasional stop and go) to even get to where I could start my drive to the desert.   As I made my way North from the city I felt the tension of these past few hectic weeks begin to drain away. The noise of the traffic and the business of life began to fade into the distance. The beauty of the desert began to come alive in front of my eyes.  And seriously there is a beauty to the desert that cant be equaled. Well..maybe that is a little unfair but today it seems like the whole truth.  With desert plants in bloom it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful location.  And yes, I stopped along the way to meander around and take pictures of some of the cactus.  I don’t know my way around the desert very well yet but I plan to learn more about the plants and animals that live in this areas. I had heard that this is also rattlesnake season so be careful where you walk.   I have to admit that made me a little nervous but none-the-less when I have more time I do plan to go back and walk on some of the trails near Cave Creek.  

As I continued my drive I came into a very cute little town called Cave Creek.  There was a lot of roadwork going on but you could see that it would be a really fun town to check out someday.  It has the old west  feel to it with a lot of interesting looking shops to look into.  And then on to Care where does a town get a name like that?  Could it be a retirement community?  Complete with “easy street”?   It also looked like a good place to check out but make sure you give yourself lots of time. I did see a very large sundial that I had to stop and look at.  I found a beautiful cactus garden and fountain there as well.  It had a feel that pulls you in and makes you want to bring a friend and a cup of coffee for some nice easy conversation.  Very quaint towns with that small town feel that makes you wonder why you live in the city.  

             There is something about a drive outside the city limits that calms the mind and ease the tensions of life.

And it’s also wonderful to stop and take a moment to look at where  it is that you really live.

       The  natural part of where you live and breath.  So with much appreciation for what I saw today and for what I hope to see another day I sigh a happy sigh as I merge-

           –  back onto the freeway headed for my city home.

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