Driving the I 10 through Phoenix, AZ

The I 10 in Phoenix in no joke in the middle of the summer, and the locals know it. What I mean by that statement is you can end up in a world of hurt out there in the interstate if your not prepared for the Arizona sun. On thing smart to do is to check the local weather station out here to get a good feel for the conditions before you head out the door. I check http://az511.com/ for my local road reports.

YOU TOO MIGHT FIND IT A BIT BENEFICIAL. I once thought it might be a good idea to just go as I pleased. Boy was I wrong.

To thing’s to remember when your on the I 10.

  • If the time of day is approaching rush hour forget it. Wait till a more appropriate time and you will not be dissatisfied. For all the beauties of state is why people love it here. Lots of people lots of traffic.
  • Heat. Plan and simple. It is so hot in the middle of the summer here its down right dangerous. I would at all costs try to stay out of the extreme weather when you are driving. Meaning stay in till the sun goes down or leave before it becomes too intense. I like to travel in the late evenings around here myself.

There was a time I did not realize what I was doing. I was just so exited to be in Arizona.I would go anywhere anytime. It was not smart. What would you imagine happens when it gets too hot down here? Tires pop,and engines overheat. trust me it’s not so good to get stuck in the sun when you have no A/C and that can happen to you like it did me if your not careful.  Thank goodness for a towing company in Gilbert, AZ that saved my butt.

I never really realized how important that might be if you got caught in the sun. Thank goodness these towing guys outta Gilbert Arizona were fast. I really feel like I could have died out there. Just saying maybe you should learn from my mistakes, be smart about it. If it’s 120 degrees you really shouldn’t be out there on the roadways. Plus your just making it unsafe for the rescue crews.

One thing you never think of, but is always good is you should be considerate of our emergency crews. Just imagine being out of the highway when it’s 120 degrees stuck on the road like i was. And imagine trying to work on it because someone else decided they were going to go out there and risk themselves and now you have to save them. I was one of those people that did not think of this but now I am aware of the dangers.

Arizona is a beautiful state, but not one to be messed with in the middle of the summer. You all be safe out there, and try to remember a few of these tips to make your time in Arizona a great time.