Route 8

Driving from Arizona to California along the Route 8 seems like a long and not so beautiful road to follow. But much to my surprise there were some interesting things to see. First we began to notice the cactus alongside the road. The interesting and unique Saguaro cactus. Those great big tall plants that we found were unique to Arizona and the Sonora Desert. Then an assortment of smaller cacti. Some that were beginning to bloom. The yellow and red flowers blooming from a not so beautiful plant are amazing to see. The contrast makes the flowers seem so much prettier than they actually are. So against the quite barren desert these plants were splendid. But now to continue on our journey on Route 8. It is a long distance before there is any place else to stop and enjoy some beauty.

There are a few rest areas that are put together very well and invite you to stop and stretch for a good amount of time. There are a few information boards so that you can become a little bit familiar with the area.

Then on to Yuma Arizona. From the first glance it looks like a place that you would just want to keep driving past, but since we were hungry we decided to stop for a bite to eat. We decided to venture into the town which is a few miles from the Highway. But we were very impressed to realize this town is quite a nice spot. We found a good restaurant and walked around one of the downtown malls for a while. There is much more to this place than meets the eye. It is a military town. There are many branches of the military located here. So there is a lot of Air traffic around the area too. It’s very interesting here and I would like come back to this part of Arizona and spend a little more time. Quite a few RV parks for the snowbirds as well.

It isn’t far from Yuma that you run into the Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area. This is one of the nations largest mass of inland sand dunes. Quite a contrast to the desert that we just passed through. Very neat to see so many recreation vehicles out and people having a lot of fun on the dunes. There are places you can rent ATV and other sand worthy vehicles.

From this part of Southern Arizona, you can see the Mexican border and the floating fence. And before you realize it you have passed out of Arizona and are now into California. As you drive and get closer to the coast there are Mountains of round rocks that are precariously sitting on top of each other. But that is only for a few miles. The winding and hilly roads begin and you come into the beautiful California foothills. There are a lot of miles between Arizona and California that seem pretty desolate but as always, if you pay a little attention there will be something that catches your eye and you can feel like you’ve experienced something new.