Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Phoenix… And “oh hey” just be careful where you step because there are enough scorpions here to make the incredible Hulk shudder.  So my question is How does a person coexist with this venomous little critter?  They evidently don’t get discouraged if you happen to build a house smack in the middle of the scorpion highway…instead they just climb over or between or under or around and just keep on coming.  Another words they have a one track mind and don’t like to change habits or maybe even don’t know how to change.  How do the locals deal with this problem.  What if I don’t want to spray poison around my house and inside my house once a month?  Well here is a little tip…and it turns out that it’s also entertaining..

Get a couple of good quality LED flashlights…you know the kind that has blue lights… and a Blow-torch.  That’s all you need other than a little bit of courage and a good sense of adventure.  Go outside after it’s dark. I might suggest some close toed shoes…just in case.  Shine that nice bright blue light around the edges of your fence and foundation of your house.  When you see something light up florescent green…get excited because it may be a scorpion.  At that point…aim your blow-torch and let go with a round of fire.  The scorpions sure can’t survive that and it will help keep the population down if you go “hunting” on a regular basis. Our first night of scorpion hunting yielded a grand total of nine.  I thought that we wouldn’t see anymore for a long time after that…but I was completely wrong.  The next few nights we’ve gotten between 5 and 10 every time.   It was amusing the first night we tried this out because there are more things that become florescent than scorpions.  Maybe it isn’t green and crawling but blue and very lifeless…like a piece of candy wrapper.  It can create a  moment of panic though until you get the hang of what you are really looking for.  

I suppose this isn’t the only method but it is a good way to get rid of a few of the pesky critters.  Now doing this on the inside of the house isn’t recommended.   Although I have heard of a few people that use the same technique of going after  dark to find the critters around the baseboards and walls of the inside of the house and when found using a squirt of brake fluid.  Yikes!!  That stuff stinks but it does kill the scorpion.  And I suppose the brake fluid evaporates fairly quickly.  But because I’m so sensitive to that kind of vapors I’m still looking for a more environmentally friendly route.  When I come across something that actually works and won’t be hard on my lungs I’ll let you know..likewise if you hear of anything I’d sure be interesting in seeing if it works.  Who knew that scorpion hunting would become such a big part of my life!!